Brendan & Maggie: RESCUED!

Amount Already Donated to this Animal: $89388


Fostered, looking for furever home

House Trained? Not yet
Spay / Neutered? Yes
Good with Dogs?
Good with Kids?
Current on Vaccinations? Yes

Animal ID: #A5041572 and #A5041578
Type: Dog
Breed(s): Pit mix and Lab mix
Size: Large
Age: 8 and 10
Gender: Male and female
Hair: Short Hair
Colors: Brindle, tan
Special Needs:

Current Location


Brief Description

I have a routine every time I visit the shelters to pull a dog. I can't just walk in, take a number, and wait for my turn. I pack treats with me and have to visit all of them. Every. Single. Dog. (Honestly, running out of treats and turning around to see the dozens of dogs you haven't gotten to yet is one of the worst feelings in the world.)

On one particular day a few weeks ago, I met a senior lab mix who stood there looking at me, scared and shaking. She refused to move closer towards me and I wanted so badly to scoop her in my arms that second. Instead, I took a video of her and told her I was going to do everything in my power to help her get a well-deserved second chance.

A few days later, Robin Barker tagged me in a photo of her, and she quickly moved to the top of my "rescue" list. Then I found out she was surrendered with her brother, a brindle mix. Separating her from her brother was not something I could bring myself to do, so I needed to find a special family to take them both on.

Today, this senior pair left shelter life behind them. I had to be honest with the fosters who stepped up to the challenge: “These dogs are unsocialized. They’ve probably never been in a house before, and most definitely aren’t house trained. And did I mention they’re bow-legged and have been living in a junkyard?” I did everything I could to discourage our fosters from this pair. Not because I didn't want to see them take these two home, but because if they were going to back out of this commitment they had all the excuses at their disposal to do so immediately, so we could move on and find a better foster match.

Their response? "You know what?" they said. "This makes us want them even more. We want to give them the life they never had."

Happy life, sweet Maggie and Brendan. You're in the best hands. ?

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