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Charlie (now known as Frank Charlie Doggo R) finally has something to smile about. By some incredible miracle he went from being dumped in the desert with a cancerous tumor by a family he loved unconditionally (but the love was clearly unreciprocated) to landing in the most supportive and loving home possible.

Charlie spent 5 weeks at the Lancaster Animal Shelter. Not because of his temperament (he scored a B on his temp test), but because he had a large mass the size of a potato on his right shoulder. No one wanted to adopt a dog that was going to require thousands in medical costs right away. Then he was euth listed and the urgency became more dire to get him out.

When Jandy R. and her family first agreed to foster Charlie they had no idea they were going to end up taking in a three-legged dog. But, you know what? Hearing this news didn't make them want Charlie any less. As long as we were doing what was best for Charlie they were behind us 100%. Despite Charlie's shortcomings, they were so eager to bring him home. (It should also be noted that they've also refused monetary compensation for his supplies - that goes to show you what a huge heart this family has.)

Charlie is recovering well from his surgery and is in the best spirits. Thank you to Jandy, Le, and their family for being Charlie's understanding, loving, and patient foster family.

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